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About Houston Theatre Blog

After having written about national and international theatre for the past seven years (in various capacities, as a music journalist), I delved into writing about local theatre for another site not too long ago. In that short time I discovered so many smaller theatres in the Houston area, more than I expected, really. I realize that Houston has so much to offer, outside of the touring Broadway productions. We've got a lot of local talent, too! After growing disillusioned with the writing outlet, I decided to create a new blog where I could share all the great musical theatre opportunities I find.

I'll be covering both the larger theatres, such as TUTS and The Hobby Center, as well as smaller, local theatres and troupes. You'll be amazed at the talent that's out there!

I'm also the editor of Musical Reviewer, which I'd like to think of as a "sister" site, which deals with national and international news in musical theatre.

About The Musical Reviewer

What we do
At Musical Reviewer, you'll find the latest news in musical theatre on our blog and events calendar, as well as review pages to help you decide if a particular musical is appropriate for you and your family. We also allow visitors to leave their comments and reviews for various shows. You can also see what's playing in certain cities, and read educational articles about theatre. You can also join in our community and share your love for musicals!

Why we're here
After searching for reviews on a particular musical to help make a decision whether or not it was appropriate for my entire family, I could not find a site where people could give their reviews, thoughts, and even star ratings of theatrical productions.

As a professional writer with a passion for musical theatre, I decided to create such a site. Previously, I blogged at All About Musicals, and have moved all my blog entries over here.

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Julia Temlyn

About editor & correspondent, Julia Temlyn
Welcome to Houston Theatre Blog/The Musical Reviewer, your home for everything musical! My name is Julia Temlyn, and I'll be your guide as we journey and learn about all things musical, stage, and film. I'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions!

Julia is the owner of Temlyn Writing: freelance writing, editing, & community moderating/managing services, where she works diligently with clients to rescue excess apostrophes, save spliced commas, and repair injured & abused words, as well as bring healing through writing. She also offers online community managing, moderating, & building services.

In addition to being the editor of Musical Reviewer (formerly All About Musicals), she is also editor of Houston Theatre Blog and editor-in-chief of Writers Remember, and administrator of the Houston Writers & Editors Network. She also blogs occasionally at Mrs. Write Right, Word Therapist.

A native of New York and Central Florida, Julia currently resides outside SW Houston, Texas, with her incredible tech-geek husband and their two goofy cats. She loves going to the theatre to see the latest musicals in town; she also enjoys singing (in choir and at home with a hairbrush), geocaching, sipping tea, watching a good movie, and spending time with her husband and family & friends.

She can be found on Twitter at JuliaTemlyn and MusicalReviewer.

I have a B.A. in English, and have been singing for more than 20 years (taking voice lessons throughout my childhood). I am also a freelance writer, proofreader, and editor, and the Editor-in-Chief of Writers Remember. More information on my writing, editing, and moderating services is available below.

Professional Experience
I may not be on Broadway, but I have enjoyed musicals ever since I can remember. My mother raised me on film musicals such as West Side Story, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Oklahoma, and The Music Man, to name just a few. I was barely 5 years old when I could be heard singing Molly Brown's song:

"Belly up, belly up to the bar, boys,
better loosen your belts.
Only drink when you're all alone,
or with somebody else!"

(I didn't have a clue what those lyrics meant until much later!)

A few years later, my mom and I would drive my dad crazy with our repertoire. We'd sing through entire shows like West Side Story and Les Miserables!

Whenever we had the opportunity, we'd see stage musicals. I loved the feeling that I came over me when the lights went down, and the stage came alive with performers! Cats, Into the Woods, Les Miserables, West Side Story, Crazy for You, Guys and Dolls, The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Wicked, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Jersey Boys are just a few of the musicals I've been fortunate enough to see. Not long ago I saw Les Miserables on stage for the 4th time, this time with my husband. There are others that I've not yet seen, but I already know the songs by heart; I love buying cast recordings!

I took piano and voice lessons throughout my middle and high school years, performed in several stage shows, and planned to major in music with a vocal emphasis in college, but life took some turns. I now live the musical life vicariously. This website truly is a tremendous help in vicarious living!

Freelance Information
Temlyn Writing: freelance writing, editing, and moderating services

I am a writer, proofreader, editor, and community moderator/manager. If you're in need of any of the above services, contact me. My writing has been published on both online and in print, and this musicals site is but one more writing joy! Please feel free to visit my website and contact me for more information on my writing and editing services.
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